Sex is a game, but sometimes this game turns into something horrible. TrueBrutalGames is a site which reveals the shocking things intimate relations sometimes evolve into. Pain, punishment, humiliation, restraints and forced sex, this is everyday reality for the poor misfortunate girls featured here. The site explores fantasies so dark and taboo few other rape and forced sex sites could compare here. Perversion and brutality reach truly abnormal levels here as poor innocent victims are tied to trees, forced to satisfy most insane desires of dangerous men, and serve as motionless and mindless fuck toys for all types of maniacs. Anal sex, BDSM, domination, rough penetrations and kinky defloration scenes, this is what awaits you here. The site is wrapped into a matching package. The design is pretty much a terror and perverted excitement generator. Just look at its random, blurred, sick images which sort of let you look at things through the eyes of a sex fiend. This is sheer brutality brought to the once vanilla world of sex, and there is no way back. Let’s explore what the place has in store for us and whether it can feed our inner demons which crave naughty action and lovely victims.
The site offers both pictures and videos. As you make your first step inside, you find out the member area offers every site’s gem on a single page. So, you scroll down and down, and the stream just never ends. There are mostly pictures here, but the videos are present as well. The site is all about the meanest things that can occur. Masks, ropes, gags, guns, gangbangs, brute force, grabbing, slapping, and everything else which is so degrading to a woman and so elevating to a man. Men become kings in their own realms of terror. These brutal games are played by their own rules. Yes, it’s time to start making your own rules instead of just doing what she says! This is exactly what the guys are doing here, and damn it gets so filthy sometimes. By the way, if you require even more filth, the site has something really cool in store for you. We mean its bonus offer of course. Just think about it – and get an instant hard-on. As many as 60 sites all in one extreme, perversion-filled network, how does that sound? We know it sounds like a kickass offer! So, after you check out all the stuff here, or maybe even before that, if you are really impatient, you are welcome to browse this insane treasury of forced sex porn, toons and more.
But back to our current thing. Though the amounts of pictures clearly exceed that of videos, we can’t say it’s a picture-only site. It provides a healthy dose of variety in terms of both content types, and the scene plots as well. How about housewives handling burglars who break into their homes for money and something else? Or maybe stupid girlfriends taken to the woods, tied to trees and humiliated up every crack on their spring-fresh bodies? How about dates gone wrong, coeds getting some nasty shit from their friends, and more? TrueBrutalGames has it all. The games are really brutal, and the pictures and videos provide enough evidence. Every photo episode offers dozens of thumbnails each of which opens into a full size picture. The videos are split into small files and offers as full length films as well. These can be easily downloaded without any hassle and the need to wait. All in all, the site offers enough fun for us perverted minds to explore it thoroughly. It’s really as brutal as it gets, no faking here, and this shit just can’t get any hotter. So, rejoice, taste the world of forbidden games and taboo sexual tricks! TrueBrutalGames has everything you need then. And don’t forget about the package deal!
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