True love is not about sweetness, giving presents, and cuddling up on a bed made with pink-colored sheets. Love is really about letting your inner demons out, taking control, and seizing what you feel belongs to you. This is that is all about. Essentially, it’s a kickass site filled with rape and bondage content which discloses the filthy, violent nature of true love and affection. You will become a sole witness to unimaginable acts of passion mixed with cruelty, turning helpless, crying young girls into objects of dangerous desire. The site’s free area starts building the dark, thrilling feeling right away. With content samples, free pictures and animated excerpts laid out in a catchy and a bit chaotic way, the tour pages are a separate piece of violent art. This is your chance to see love from its darker side, as a beastly emotion which brings about pain, humiliation, and sexy torture. Masked, hung and willing, the violators are ready to take control. They are full of love which is defined in the terms of this outstanding site, as a beast hunting for prey. And prey here, these are random girls, teachers, coworkers, coeds, even sisters! The insanity and brutalism begin already in the free area, so who we are not to go further.
Let’s make a step inside, into the kingdom of lovely terror and affectionate abuse. The first thing you see is a bit of distraction. Thing is, the site is part of a major rape site network with around 60 sites which maximize pleasure and perversion in every thing violent, incest, and extreme. Just a single login gives you access to all these hotspots of kink, but don’t be too quick with this one. Brutal love awaits! Getting back to our current thing, it’s all about a virtually endless stripe of episodes which goes down and down and no end is seen. It mainly contains picture episodes while the videos seem to be concentrated somewhat closer to the bottom. All in all, there are dozens of stories to check out, and as you will be browsing the current ones, the site will have more as updates, so your member future looks really bright from here, does it not? All episodes have big, crisp, juicy-looking thumbnails which give you perfect idea of what’s going on, and no further wording is necessary. The site features hot appealing girls in all sorts of trouble. Forest rapes with bondage gear used, warehouse action, coed and coworker brutality, shocking scenes filmed at home, your fantasy can run wild and explore every single situation out there you ever wanted to.
Let’s move deeper below! It’s easy to navigate your way to the actual content of an episode through big links written in bold text. A typical episode contains around 80 of 900px photos, or a 100-meg WMV movie for videos, which also exist as smaller parts, always 6 of them. Everything is easily downloadable to your computer for later watching. The episodes are very varied with tons of filthy shit going on. Think about cute teen chicks bound, raped and humiliated in forests in summer, or wives whose homes were broken into, having to satisfy the wild, raging desires of the burglars, or couple conflicts gone bad, ending in sexy violence. The choice is virtually endless, and looks like every single side of brutal love and lovely brutality is fully disclosed here. The girls will suit every taste out there, from sultry bitchy brunettes getting their share of meanness to shy, helpless wives who are not prepared to handle the assault at all. The site fulfills every single promise it makes in the free area, and can be thoroughly recommended as a way to find out what happens when love and passion transcend the boundaries of morals, decency, and kindness. Hurry, TrueBrutalLove awaits, and has so much to offer!
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