Yet another teen forced sex masterpiece. BrutalTeenMovies pretty much leaves the rest of the niche crowd behind. Curious to know why exactly? Just have a look at the way it is designed. Seems to be the perfect package for this sort of site. Black and white photos, very minimal, stylish, and menacing, this is the approach of BrutalTeenMovies. The actual pictures and videos are not black and white for sure. In fact, the site has a pretty high quality standard – but we will address this somewhat later on. With only one black and white thumbnail per preview content item, stern design, and stories full of dirty, shocking details, this could not have been any more efficient. You should feel the atmosphere by now. The air of poor teenage girls meaning men too mean to handle is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Explore your darkest fantasies with this dark site filled with highest quality content dedicated entirely to teenage sexual exploitation. These guys are not to be messed with, but it’s too late for the girls to realize it. The force is strong in them, so they just take what they see as belonging to them. This site brings so much class and style to the teen forced sex thing you will definitely want to explore it further. Give it a try, we can assure you it’s one of the best products on the market today.
The member area takes the concept further. No fancy design stuff, no advertising, barely anything visual at all, but damn, it works well. Black, white and red, this is what the member area is all about, and it’s pure text as well. The style is flawless! This stirs your imagination like nothing else as you browse the pages of the member area which are just about as strict and oozing danger as the guys in the scenes. The site works to create a thrill which reaches its peak when you actually reach the content. The episodes are laid out 5 per page, with titles and stories for each one. There are no preview thumbnails for any of these, and damn this inspires some curiosity on your part. This is probably the best interface such a site could have! The style matches the actual thing perfectly. The air of utmost sexual brutality fills your place as you prepare yourself to actually checking out something. A pretty hard choice that might be, because it all looks just so dangerous and so tempting. Cross the line, it’s pretty much allowed here! After all, there’s nothing vanilla to the site. It’s all about breaking limits, social, moral, sexual. Your mind jumps from one item to another, searching for release. And the release is coming, you can be sure about that!
At last, there’s a set to explore, which means you made your choice. It’s difficult to say whether the site is about videos or pictures. On the one hand, the site actually has pictures. These are masterpieces of their own kind, up to 2250px on the bigger side. Looking just as eye candy as forced sex photos possibly can, the pictures look as if a great deal of effort was invested into their making. Every single piece of the picture is as delicious and worthy a close look as it can only be. On the other hand, the videos are also there. The site offers downloadable WMV films up to 150 megabytes in size or so. The movies download pretty fast to your computer, and then you are ready to watch it. Prepare yourself to some beautiful teen forced sex movies! The plots offer a cool variety of situations which feed all sorts of sex demons in your brain. The people featured suit the site perfectly as well. The girls are all innocence and purity, but that’s only until the men start swinging. You will love watching the beasts fuck the shit out of the helpless pussy, mouth, and ass. Gangbangs are also there, as are anal sex, facial cumshots, rude grabbing, some bondage, and everything else you need to fantasize about having your way with a sweet teen chick. A very solid product of the highest class, this site.
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