Let your darkest fantasies work wonders with BrutallyRaped, a genuine gem in the rape niche. The site is a comprehensive source of everything rape, from spine-chilling videos to shocking picture serie, stories and more. Just a single glance on the free area sets you into the right mood straight away. Dark, filled with content samples, some of them animated, packed with faces of humiliated, suffering girls, the design works perfect for the site. The smart usage of black and red colors increases the intensity of the atmosphere and gets you to anticipate the real thing inside. Rapists with stockings on their faces, cum, sweat and tears everywhere, merciless hardcore action, everything is done just right for your inner pervert. With only two pages of the tour, the site already makes you hot, wet and willing. Looks like the choice of girls is good as well. We all know it always works better with them younger chicks, so helpless, immature, and vulnerable. Not experienced in the ways of sex, the girls are thrown into dark, violence-filled worlds of uncensored forced sex and domination, and who would resist the pleasure of seeing it all? We are definitely not among these people, so let’s get inside!
It’s so good and so cruel it’s almost embarrassing! We are finally inside this hell of a site, and everything shows we are heading for the rape doomsday. Following the style of the free area, the member zone wraps the plentiful content items into some perfectly catchy packaging. It’s all about simplicity and style. The dark, disturbing colors intensity the kinky appeal of the content series, of which there are a lot. Choose between the site’s main sections which are dedicated to photo series and video episodes respectively. Whichever you choose, you will reach a packed department loaded with thumbnails, pages and pages of thumbnails to browse. Each rape story has a title and a short description to it. The greatest thing about the way the content is organized is that the thumbnails give you a perfect idea what kind of a silly chick you are about to see violated and bathed in the cum she did not expect. Choose a girl to your taste, let it be the girlfriend which dumped you, a bitchy colleague, or just someone you would love to hate-fuck, and there she is, photographed or shot on video with a stud or a gang of studs around her, fucking the shit out of the bitch. It all allows for hours of guilty but exciting watching!
You will end up choosing an episode pretty soon, the tension really gets unbearable. The site takes pride in its collection of authentic, original rape material. The guys want you to click a thumbnail, and you willingly do so! The variety is admirable, meaning both the locations and the plot types. Raped at home, taken to some filthy places from the streets, facing any other type of rape danger, the girls look sexy and terrified. Just the combination we all enjoy! Each and every set contains dozens of photos which can be viewed in full size, or a bunch of downloadable video clips. Moans and groans all over the place, futile resistance, and the glorious penetration leaving the holes violated and sore! The site’s name is RealBrutallyRaped, and every word of this tantalizing mixture is supported with devilish fervor. Their clothes torn and thrown away, their faces slapped, their spring-fresh bodies groped with no respect to dignity whatsoever, this is a truly lovely cocktail. Student girls, maids, chicks in the streets, it does not matter, if there’s a hottie, she will be raped. Play with your inner rape-loving demons the way you want inside RealBrutallyRaped!
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