You might have known the modern family is in crisis, but you could not imagine this was this serious. RealCruelFamily is a insanity-filled site which shows just how bad it sometimes gets for some family members. Family cruelty rules supreme here, and the ones to suffer are the sexiest. Daughters, mothers, even grannies, every female capable of satisfying men’s needs will end up forced into humiliating sex. Incest and rape have never been closer, in fact, they are nearly blended into one beastly thing here. Men are strong, so why can’t they take what belongs to them? This is what it’s all about, and if you ever wanted to let your barking dogs of violence out in the family, RealCruelFamily is the right place to do so. Every part of its title is as precise as it could be. It’s really all about the family, and it’s cruel as much as it is real. Fear and horror are mixed with unrestrained sexual prowess and the feeling of endless victory. Watch men go sexy berserk on all the sexy, submissive females they may come across. The free area is packed with preview images and catchy text which gets you hooked and does not let you go until you give it a try. Luckily, with our reviews here, you can see it from the inside before you actually become a member, isn’t it great?
The site’s member area is a long, virtually endless stripe of content filled with thumbnails, links, and stories. Scroll down and you will see just how many total pieces the site has. Every episode has a title, a short story, and a load of WMV videos to it. That’s right, it’s all about the videos, no pictures here. You can choose between smaller clips or the full version of the film. The plots have been born in some pretty fucked up mind. Sons raping their mothers, drunk girls getting fisted by father, kidnapping and gangbangs, it’s all there, and more. Looks like the hell of desire has broken loose and now fills the homes and streets of once innocent-looking citizens. You will love the selection of blood-boiling clips where no female can resist the power and sexual desire of the male. Men are kings in this kingdom of horror, and you will surely enjoy imagining yourself in this role. Feel as if you are an invincible conqueror, a sex maniac nobody has the guts to say no to. Let the perversion of incest and the knowing of your power fuel your endless desire. The site offers a lot to us kinksters, and its selection of incest-gone-rape fuck films is truly impressive. Now, let’s try to take a look at an individual episode.
As we have already found out, there’s a story with several full lines of text and basically the main points of the plot given. Masterfully written, these set you in the right mood. Though you kinda find out what to expect from the actual content, the story and the videos complement each other without any contradiction. Each and every content episode consists of 6 video clips available for very speedy downloads as WMV files. There’s the full movie here, too, around 120 megabytes in size. We recommend going for the full thing no matter what. Thus, you can feel the tension building up and notice all the small details which make up the actual story. This is something you might miss when watching it part after part. Still the smaller files are a great way to download something fast and simple, and save for later. The thumbnails tell you everything you need to know about the story, whether it concerns the turning points of it or the starting moments for smaller files. The site’s collection of intra-family incest insanity and rape is updated regularly, so this stripe of episodes never stops growing. Enter if you dare, this place offers quite a bit of sick shit porn for you, the gourmet!
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