Are you hungry for real, no-fake sexual cruelty? We guess you might be bored with staged stuff all over by now. If so, it’s high time to try something really different, something which stands apart and provides an unprecedented thrill. It’s CruelMovies time, actually! The mood is set already with the free area. Admire the spicy feel of the tour pages looking like some chronicles of lust. And this is what they really are! The highly memorable design based on the balance of red and black, with an occasional preview picture or animation put here and there, CruelMovies’ package is something you will remember. It sets the feel and the air for the entire site which is in fact nothing else but a documentary on everything really cruel which can happen between a horny man and a submissive woman. There is no imitation here, or some intricate planning. The site is all about improvisation, about doing what the instincts tell you, about being the dirty animal you have always wanted to be. Now this does deserve some admiration! Set your deepest desires free with these very authentic-looking movies, and let’s explore the inside of CruelMovies! Looks like the site has a lot to offer, and who are we to miss the opportunity to see it.
The member area follows a familiar pattern. Pay attention to the one and only advertising module above the site’s content. Can you believe it? It’s pretty hard, if ever possible, to beat this offer. Thing is, what comes together with your login to CruelMovies is bonus access to sites in a rich, content-filled extreme paysite network. It will probably send you on a week’s masturbation trip, but who cares with all the outstanding extreme sex pictures, videos and toons there. Back to our thing, CruelMovies is obviously a video-only site just like its name suggests. The site lays out its massive movie collection in one load which goes down and down till you are almost tired to scroll it. Everything is as plain and simple as it can be. The site kinda follows its own no-bullshit approach advertised in the free area. Nothing can be easier than choosing a video to watch from a simple list. Or can it? You are facing a serious pile of rape pornography here, and it’s so cruel and appealing you might actually have trouble choosing what to see! But let’s imagine it’s not like that and you point your mouse at one particular video the models in the thumbnails of which look particularly teasing to you. Got it?
CruelMovies is all about movies, movies and movies again. The site offers a growing selection of forced sex episodes which can cover basically about anything, from coed rapes all the way to incest even. That’s right, the site never stops halfway and lets you enjoy the cream of it all, the finest samples of cruel pornography which takes everything to its extreme. So, these are WMV movies, and you can choose between a full-sized download of the entire film, or go for smaller video files. A full version will be about 150 megabytes while smaller files are, logically, much smaller. The stories preceding the videos provide a nice setting to it all, listing the characters, their situations (we particularly loved the one with a younger boyfriend raping his older partner who refused to go further than just kissing), and generally setting it all for your further enjoyment. The sound-enabled movies look and feel very authentic and natural, something not every site out there really has. Summing it all up, CruelMovies is a very worthwhile place with quite a lot of videos to download and watch. The site has a cool feel to it, it does not look staged or faked. The gourmet inside you will be definitely pleased.
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