Who cares if they want it or not? As long as the girl is hot and sexy, she will have to serve our desires! ForcedGirls is a site which lets you play with your fantasies about urging and making chicks fulfill your filthy carnal wishes. We are sure this is something you want to imagine, after all the shit girls have been giving you. Grab her, slap her around, and end up with your raging boner in whatever hole she has, not giving a fuck about what she might be trying to say. The site is a perfect place to watch hot females, rarely older than 19 years of age, being forced to fuck and suck, punished for disobedience with cock and ending up in really pitiful state. The free zone keeps it clear and simple. It is composed mainly of beautiful samples showcasing the chicks having to surrender to these horny beasts without wanting to do so. The site has been around on the net for a while and has accumulated a selection of some lovely content. The free tour pages give you a pretty good idea of what you are about to witness. The degree of heat and kink is very high here, and the free content samples tell you about it in a very clear way. Let’s have a look at what kinds of stuff the site really has inside. Welcome to the ForcedGirls member area!
Here we are, so you can take a deep breath and look around. Isn’t this ad appealing? The matter is that the site is part of a huge extreme site network. You can access the entire portfolio of crazy kinky shit with over 60 sites on board within your single login. Sounds cool, huh? Let’s start with this one and then maybe you will want to proceed. Well, maybe! You will want anyway. ForcedGirls is a site with both pictures and videos offered. All its content is listed on one page. The blocks of thumbnails go on and on as you scroll the page. There are tens and tens of episodes available, and the updating process never stops, so there will surely be more. The list of updates starts with the pictures and evolves into videos. The pictures have no stories to accompany the episodes while the videos do. The site balances between still images and movies. We would say the amounts of these are probably equal to one another. You are about to witness shocking scenes of sexual humiliation, forced sex at home and outdoors, perverse situations at work or college, and even a bit of incest smut where dads force their lovely daughters into mutually enjoyable sexual slavery. Let us just check what these individual episodes got there for us.
The picture sets have 4 thumbnails on the main content page, and a link which takes you to actual photos. There are around 50 pictures in every set. The photos are thumbnailed, and they open into 1024px images when clicked. The full size photos are just crisp and detailed enough to be the eye candy you want them to be. The episodes go all the way from the start to the end, i.e. you see burglars breaking into a house, taking control over the wife, doing her in naughty manner and leaving. The pictures tell the stories beautifully. As for the movies, these have a bunch of thumbnails, a title, and a story to describe the perverted events. The movies can be saved as either shorter clips, or as full movie which can be anything between 200 and 400 megabytes in size, WMV format. Everything downloads smoothly and easily. If you want to enjoy a particular piece in the flick, smaller video files are at your disposal. The site is a beautiful collection of nasty material, with dozens of muscled tattooed hunks fucking the shit out of poor sobbing girls like there’s no tomorrow. Every single episode is as action-packed, powerful and impressive as you may want it to be. ForcedGirls is a solid product in the niche we all love and enjoy, so start right now!
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