Forced and sex are the two words which could not go any more perfect together. We all know they ask for it. Females bring all kinds of fuckups and trouble to men, but looks like there’s some revenge coming. Explore your forbidden fantasies with ForcedSex, a classic-feeling site which covers probably every forced sex situation out there. Men just take all they want here, and all they want is hours of raw, mean, uncensored sex which is so sweetly degrading. Violence and sex have never had such a successful marriage. Explore every dream you could ever have, forcing your wife into hard oral sex and forced cum drinking, being rough and raw to a random girl in the street, or even doing your family member whether they want it or not (not is actually better). The site’s free area is packed with content samples which jump straight in your face as you browse the tours. Static and animated, big and small, they all create this sweet buzz in your brain. Just look at all these masked men, doing their thing no matter what! This is male misdemeanor at its finest, the kind of action any man would love to imagine himself in. Check this shit out and fantasize about being the invincible conqueror who just takes it all!
The site’s member area follows the visual patters of the free zone. Dark, brownish colors create a thick atmosphere of something sinful coming. The list of episodes is not split into pages, so it all looks like a virtually endless list of things to explore, download, and enjoy. The site is video-based, so you are about to enjoy it the best way possible, with sound, all the filthy little details, and that inimitable feel of a good forced sex movie which just cannot be conveyed with pictures alone. The site also offers bonus access to a larger-than-life network of extreme sites with probably every type of sexual filth taken to its absolute maximum. It’s a great deal in itself, because only one login becomes your key into a whole universe of intense perversions and porn you would not want your wife to find. But hey, we are here for the forced sex thing. Looks like it’s time to check out one of those sweet-looking episodes in this massive list! Prepare to take your pick right now. Just imagine yourself watching them one by one, slowly getting to the bottom of this truly huge list. This must be something to experience!
So, here they are, the forced sex candies. There’s a title, which is very self-explanatory in itself, a story giving you all the details your filthy mind may want, and then the thumbnails come. There are always six of them, and each of these stands for a part of the full video. Click any, and you will immediately start the download of a chosen part. These are always WMV files, downloading pretty fast. Go for the full thing, and you will be able to save an entire forced sex movie to your computer which will take around 100 megs of free space on your hard drive. The site offers a staggering variety of plots, from more or less regular things, if we are allowed to use the word when it comes to forced sex, to totally outrageous forced incest sex episodes. Some of these involve an extra turn on like a bit of bondage, masks, or using someone in her sleep. The videos balance between pro-made and amateur, which offers uncompromised quality and at the same time builds a very authentic atmosphere of it all, as if someone took a camera to a real encounter. You will surely want to download every little bit of the site’s massive collection. And by the time you do so, they will surely add more stuff! All in all, it’s a very classic thing which in no way can be a disappointment.
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