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Every episode here is a masterpiece. It’s really hard to say whether the site is about pictures or videos. It’s about both of them, but the approach differs. There are not too many pictures with each set. Still, their uncompromised quality really does its job. The photos can be anything up to 2300px on the bigger side. This makes them very detailed, very crisp, and very visually appealing. The movies are offered only as full length films. These are normally around 150 megabytes in size. The WMV files download pretty fast and then are smoothly played back on your computer. The site offers a link to the Windows Media Player for more convenience of you, the customer. The content keeps every promise made in the free area. The videos are very good looking, with lots of action, sound, and everything else needed to keep your dirty mind going. The girls are totally beautiful, and totally helpless. It’s such a treat to see them treated like shit, thrown on the floor, sworn at, and ultimately turned into speechless whores. The action is really intense, and you should be ready that it might violate some of your boundaries. But this is exactly the thrill you are here for, right!
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