If you think pictures and videos you are used to from browsing other sites are the best, most realistic thing you can experience, you don’t even know how wrong you are. We rape porn fans know it’s all about the details some of which might not be too obvious. The tiny details about the way the rape victim moves, or the tones of her scream, or the thumping sound of the sex, these are the bits that keep us going. And we know it’s our imagination working. Our kinky minds, powered by the images we see, deliver the ultimate thrill. So let me tell you, 3D graphics, when properly made, feels so much better! It gives you enough details for your imagination to fill in the rest. It looks real – but not quite. There’s an air of something very unusual and therefore pervy about it all, and at the same time it depicts things you find familiar. RapeStories3D is a place you better not visit if your imagination is too vivid sometimes. The free zone alone can sent you into oblivion of dirty thoughts and sweet self-abuse. Admire the artistic skills of the producers by checking out the large, detailed, very sexy images laid out as separate stories in front of you. The site promises a truly cinematic experience – though the images are still, your mind is working and connects the stunning 3D pics into stories which can drain your sack completely.
Let’s try and take a trip to the heart of this perversion-powered 3D hotspot. The quality standards really set this site apart from the rest. Not only it looks just insane and exciting enough, it features forced sex plots that could make any fan happy. The tour area is packed with sample stories and large-sized preview pictures filled with action, dialog – and hardcore rape fucking as well. Think of it all as entering a seedy cinema broadcasting nothing but rape films rendered in 3D. Don’t think you’d be better off with the videos. With these newfangled 3D image stories, it feels very real and very different. Let your mind be stimulated by something you have never experienced before. This is rape at its finest, dangerous, weird-looking, perverted, and therefore hot and hardcore as hell itself! As you enter the member area, you see the content section and the network’s bonus offer which looks like your key to a universe of rape sites. Let’s go past this incredible deal for now and try to have a look at what’s RapeStories3D is really about. After all, you must be itching to see all these explicit 3D images and probably wonder how these were made. Dirty mind works wonders, this is all we can say!
Looks like there are dozens of content sets here at RapeStories3D split into pages with 3 sets on each. This is handy, because every episode is accompanied by three nice thumbnails and a story. The stories are a genre of its own, quite lengthy, full of details, a very enjoyable read before you proceed to the pictures. But let’s not keep our demons waiting. Every set offers around 65 images with 16 of them per each thumbnail page. This is quite convenient because it preserves the story’s narrative and does not make the page cluttered. Every thumbnail leads to a 1200px image which will probably fill your entire screen. If you are browsing it all in darkness, hell this will be impressive. Nothing really prevents the storytelling and production people behind this devilish site from being as nasty as they can. Check the thrilling, danger-filled stories where imagination is the only limit, and we know how powerful it can be. Better than video, better than photography, this is something you have to experience. Don’t miss your chance to plunge into the world of rape, gangbangs, shocking urban sex encounters and many more, depicted in stylish, very memorable 3D images! RapeStories3D awaits, a true gem of its genre.
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