Sex and violence might not be the two most obvious things to go together, but the combination seems to be working very well for SexualViolence. The flashy, well-designed site focuses on the glorious blend of violence and fucking which turns on so many of us. The site is a comprehensive source of material covering everything rough and raw which can happen between a girl and a man – or two or even three men, for that matter. Its free area leaves the impression of a modern, well-made product observing all the current standards. The tour pages are stuffed with images and animations which very well set you into the right mood. Mouths violated with thick mean dick, grabbing, tying, exploiting her to satisfy your deepest desires, we get the vibe, and you will definitely get is as well. The site, thanks to its free area design, has a documentary feel to it. Take it as a 24-hour TV channel endlessly delivering footage of girls in trouble. Whatever they do or whatever they say, they are going to end up in a really pitiful state, sobbing, crying, getting sprayed with cum they enjoy and hate equally at the same time. Let’s take a plunge into it all to see what the thing is really about.
The layout of the member area follows the standard pattern for this network. What, you did not know it’s part of a network? Then you will definitely be excited when you find out that SexualViolence along with as many as 60 other sites is included into a network which offers a package deal. Becoming a member of one of the sites lets you check out all the rest as well, and damn this is a deal a real extreme porn fan won’t go past. You will be amazed when you realize how much worthy stuff is contained in there, from videos to comics and everything in between. Back to SexualViolence, it delivers a lengthy table of contents which can be scrolled down screen after screen to the end. The site is a video-only place. No pictures here, but the videos look so enjoyable you won’t have any trouble at all, even if you are somewhat of a picture fan. It’s all pretty accessible and logical here. You won’t have to guess where the stuff is. Just keep scrolling the load of videos until you think you saw all of them – but then again the guys will probably (not even probably, but surely) add more episodes. So, all in all, you will never experience any shortage of sexual violence material. Let’s take a closer look at what a video here at SexualViolence really is, shall we.
As you already know, it’s a video site. For your customer convenience, every episode offers the full video along with smaller chunks. A full video is a WMV file around 100 megabytes in size. Smaller files, of which there are usually six, are of course smaller. These are WMV as well. You will never have any trouble downloading these, there are no broken links, everything works like it should, and the downloads are lightning fast. Every episode is preceded by a story which sets the background for the episode and provides some really enjoyable details about the whole thing. Along with the title, the text serves as a nice starter to the real thing. The videos provide a generous amount of forced sex entertainment with plenty of gang rapes and even some incest in there as well. It’s a nice and spicy digression from the more mainstream stuff, if we may call sexual violence mainstream, of course. There are dozens and dozens of episodes to check out, and everything says there will be even more of them very soon. The thumbnails explain what’s going to happen very well. Navigating through it all, choosing, downloading, and watching is as smooth as it can be. The action, however, is truly kickass. You will love the sound-enabled footage of the poor silly things fucked beyond recognition. But we leave this for you to find out!
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