A classic site in the family rape niche, ShockAtHome has been catering for the needs of us forced incest sex fans for quite a while. The site has a timeless feel about it, taking us straight to the world where nothing is impossible, where forbidden passion runs free and where taboo things happen no matter what. The free area is filled with shocking stories and picture samples from the site’s rich archive documenting all sorts of sinful incest activities going on behind tight-shut doors of private homes all over the country. Every type of in-house sin is featured here, be it mothers and sons, siblings, grandparents, or anything else you can think of. The brew of the picture samples and the catchy pieces of text work just fine creating an atmosphere of unrestrained desire and fucking which sees no consequences. The combination of forced sex and incest sex relations seems to be working perfectly here. The name of the site suits its nature perfectly. It is shock for someone, and for others it’s a revelation of life-long desires and dreams. These daughters and sons could have been virgins before, but now they face the harsh reality of shock at home, something nobody will forget any time soon. It’s useless to protest. The borders have been crossed, and the shock level just keeps growing.
The site seems to have quite a history of updates inside it. When the list of content totals is not split into pages, it looks even more impressive. Keep scrolling, and it will take you minutes to reach the bottom of it! Lately the site has been focusing on picture material while the videos seem to be somewhat below. The videos are directly accessible from the main page. These are made up of 6 short WMV clips, an alternative to which is a 50-100 megabyte full movie. Downloading everything is smooth as it can be with the site’s flawless speeds. For the photos, you see a selection of yummy thumbnails and a link to the full photo set. A photo set is a collection of around 60-80 900 px pictures which open in the same window. The size of the thumbnails helps you to learn a lot of things about an episode from the first glance. The stories accompanying each set help a lot as well. Whatever you would like to see happening and fantasize about, it’s there. Mothers or grannies, daughters or sisters, all sorts of sexy, silly females are there. And damn, they have to endure all things kinky, harsh, and outrageous! Having sound in the videos helps a lot and sends the heat level through the roof because you can hear all the whimpering, slapping and thumping as if you are in the same room.
The site is a solid collection of materials generous in terms of both pictures and videos. Don’t think the photos are obsolete and should be taken away. This is all about fantasy, and picture series provide you with more space to fill with your own experience, imagination, and dreams. The camera never fails to capture the loveliest moments of the insane things going on. Bondage gear, restraints, masks, and even guns used in some of the series kinda double the kink factor. You may be sure this is no vanilla bullshit. The chicks take it all the way they should, shocked, scared, and utterly humiliated. On the other hand, the choice of models is something to enjoy. Appealing and helpless at the same time, the girls are asking for it. You will want to corrupt their innocent looks and stain their beauty with sweat and cum when you see how cute and lovely they are. This is all about being cruel and mean to the highest beauty there is, and it turns you on like nothing else. Browse the site’s countless episodes and see all sorts of pussies, mouths and asses nearly ripped in two as wild, horny men take control. The package network deal will help you check out other high quality sites together with this one, but it will be long before you need anything other than ShockAtHome.
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