Don’t we all love the extreme? Sex feels so great with the seasoning of perversity and immoral attitude! Beware, ShockingExtreme may be too hot for you to handle. For those in love with the intense and perverted, this is the right thing to check out. It is a classic-looking extreme and forced sex site offering plenty of material accumulated through years of its successful existence. The free area is built with sample images from the site’s insanely huge collection, and boy, these images will float your boat. The site design has a classic feel and look to it which brings about a reputation of being on the market for a long time. Looks like many like-minded kinksters have been happy members of this one since it was launched! Exclusive content, tons of pictures and videos to see, real sexual extremities without any restraints, this is what the site promises. And, in fact, this is what it actually offers! For now, let’s stop staring at the site’s bright, appealing free area. Its packed, stuffed, filled member area awaits to drown you in all the unimaginably extreme and sinful content which you crave to see so hard. Move on, time to find out what it feels like to be on the extreme side of sexual desire!
Oh boy, there’s a lot. The site has all its episodes listed on one page. The member area is organized perfectly well, nothing prevents you from making full use of the site’s very generous content collection. From what we see, there are dozens and dozens of episodes there, probably around a hundred or even more. Think about it, so many already, and more to come! The site’s update schedule is so busy, you can expect more extreme smut to arrive pretty soon. The entire collection is decently balanced between pictures and videos, though we could say there’s a bit of a shift to the picture side. The page starts with the pictures, and as you scroll down, your eyes bulge out and your cock as well, and eventually you reach the movies part. The picture episodes are thumbnail-based only while the movies have thumbnails, short text stories, and catchy, explicit scene names. Another thing worth mentioning, the site offers a pretty good goddamn deal in the extreme porn scene! It’s all about the network, baby. With your single login you can check out as many as 60+ extreme hotspots with anything from cartoons to whatever, with tons of videos, pictures and other great things in between. If this is not the best deal ever, we don’t even know what is!
Let’s get a move on. Don’t get stuck at the main page, the ultimate gems of ShockingExtreme are extreme, shocking, and contained a level deeper! The site lets you completely forget the dogma of what the man should do and how he should behave and treat a woman. Thing is, men featured here do whatever they want to women, and what they want is extreme and shocking. Admit it, you fantasize about it so much! Now you can get hard and beat your meat to the sight of powerful men treating women like cheap sluts, slapping them, pulling their hair, and forcing them into sexual submission, objectifying them for their own dirty needs. This is man at its best, most powerful and dangerous! The picture sets contain around 4 dozen of photos up to 1000px, telling the story in all the detail you may want to see. Burglars, bondage maniacs, freaky boyfriends flying off the handle, they all get captured in the way they deserve. The movies contain the full films coming as 200-meg WMV files, and shorter clips of the same thing as well, 6 of them, to be exact. The site fulfills every single promise it makes and is a lovely piece of dirty entertainment with all the crazy stuff going on. A great thing to check out whenever you want hardcore, uncensored sex mixed with the extreme and the shocking!
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