Now this is really something! TeenageAssault claims to be the most hardcore teenage site to ever hit the net, and there is no reason to doubt this quite a bold statement. Without even getting inside, which is something we will do somewhat later, you feel the class oozing off this magnificent place. The design is all about style and class again. It’s filled with hi-res previews, and very self-contained, as if being totally sure it will make the right impression. And in fact it does make the right impression. Dive deeper into the free area, and you will see that this site is all about mainstream porn quality and production values meeting the insanity you love about underground extreme porn sites. Mean tattooed hunks, helpless, hapless teenage girls under real sexual assault, tears and smeared makeup all over the place, this shit is getting heavy! Looks like it’s the right place to explore all your fantasies featuring teen girls in sexual trouble, fantasies you could not previously play with before you reached the pages of TeenageAssault. Even judging by the previews alone, the site is just about as extreme, hardcore and uncensored as the free area claims. You can almost hear them scream as they get mercilessly pounded with thick throbbing cocks! And you will actually hear and see it in its fullest glory when you enter this craze-powered place.
Looks like we were absolutely right about the class! TeenageAssault looks and feels so different from other sites. Just check out the way its member area is organized. No fancy stuff, just content on the black background. The site has an austere, dark feel to it, and it sets the mood for the entire experience. Pay attention to the way the episodes are presented, on separate pages, with long stories you see before proceeding to the actual thing. Filled with passion, fear and probably every sort of dirty detail, the stories are artistic elements by themselves. A link takes you to the episode content, and there you see a list of photos which could be anything up to 2300px, and a WMV video. Only full length films are available, which only makes the site look and feel even stricter. No thumbnails are available for either type of the content. You will be the one to judge whether it’s good or not. Thing is, the site maintains a dangerous mysterious feel to itself, something a rape porn fan like you is bound to appreciate. The member area is all black and red, with nothing fancy, almost no graphics at all. TeenageAssault is a real vault of extreme teenage porn, and you will feel the thrill no matter what.
The site episodes are all creations with maximized intensity. They explore the darkest situations a teenage girl can encounter. Walking through empty fields, getting home via lightless urban streets, being left home all alone and frightened, dragged into all sorts of cars and even limousines, you name it, TeenageAssault has it there for you. The site is a comprehensive source of everything you could want from a species of its kind. The girls take it all from studs of massive proportions and frightening looks. You gotta see these mean tattooed beasts with muscled arms and mean faces have their way with the poor girls! And the chicks are very real, not some 30 year old whores you might find elsewhere. The fear and the pain are very genuine, and you see every smallest hair on their spring-fresh bodies as the corruption goes on. The site is a solid collection of material where everything is fine-tuned to maximize the effect. The design, the content, the types of things going on, the people involved, it all works to create an atmosphere of sexy terror. It’s all teenage, and it’s all about assault. No disappointment awaits you with such a scrupulously built product. Hurry to check out, the shit is really hot and spicy!
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