Just how far an obsession can take you? Looks like some guys go really, really far with their obsessions! And this is totally understandable, especially if the obsession is with hot, sweet-looking teen girls who might be hard to get into bed by default, unless you throw in a bit of mean attitude! The site is all about unleashing your darkest instincts and letting them take teen sweethearts by storm. Nothing is held back here, nothing is hidden. Single men and gangs of wild studs use the girls the way they want, slapping them around, calling names, playing with their bodies however much they try to resist it, and eventually fucking the shit out of the poor creatures as if there’s no tomorrow. This is the worst thing which can happen to a 18-19 year old girl! The site starts building the tension from its very first pages. Girls grabbed, pulled by their hair, fucked hard and mercilessly gangbanged, it’s all there, laid out as a catchy header and regular-looking episode blocks, packed with sexy violence, however. Block after block, the site keeps telling its shocking stories about girls who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and met wrong men. Why don’t we take a step inside and see what it’s really about?
Inside, the site looks classy, strict, and well-made. In fact, with its dark design, white-on-black text and simplistic navigation, it’s almost royal. Black, white and red are the colors of the member area, and these perfectly convey the feeling. The danger and thrill are making the air thicker, and what a perfect wrapping it all is for the site’s killer content. The sets are listed in groups of five on each page, and your necessity to browse these pages without actually knowing how many are left feel so mysterious and great, like an evil fairy tale! Episodes do not have titles, instead, the site has stories accompanying each episode. Written in white on black, these sound and reverberate in your head as tales of forbidden lust. The great thing is that you don’t actually see any content as you read the story on the episodes list page. The anticipation drives up the heat level very seriously, we can tell you! The member area does not have anything extra and unnecessary, very plain design, well-readable writing, and links which look so enticing you can barely withstand the temptation of clicking them. Let’s not force ourselves into longing and patience, and check out the real thing straight away!
You click the link and proceed to the set contents. Looks like every set here contains the site’s regular selection of content. It includes a dozen of very high resolution photos, and a WMV movie to download. The pictures are super crisp and super detailed, very big, around 3000px on the larger side. As you open any of them, the close-up pictures of sweet sexy violence sort of jump in your face. Every picture is a masterpiece! The videos provide a different experience. These are around 200+ megabytes each, saved easily from the site’s powerful servers. Both the pics and the movies provide the thrill you are seeking, but in different ways. Some prefer the stillness and the imagination boost of the pictures, while others go for videos preferring motion and sound. And there’s a lot in here for both types of viewers! The site offers an excellent choice of girls featured in the episode, sometimes shy, sometimes cheeky (at first, that is), but always sweet-looking and getting everything the mean tattooed studs are giving them in totally loveable ways. For those obsessed with teenagers, TeenageObsession is something not to be missed. The stories kick as much ass as the actual content does, so you will certainly enjoy making your way from the former to the latter. Start now!
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  Brutal Movies
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  Forced Movies
  Brutal Passion
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  Rape Stories 3d

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