Jack D.
One of the sites I’ve stayed a member of for months. Never fails to get me off like a spurting bitch. Very authentic style.

Hank M.
The guys are crazy! I love the way they treat each and every girl here. My inner rape freak is pleased so much!

Jackie O.
Very decent site with lots of material. I guess it’s been around for a while. Lots of cool stuff to see.

Mannie T.
Just the right amount of filth here! Loved the close-up shots of girls being violated. Everything I could want.
Davin N.
The finest site ever. I’m drooling over every single pixel, I’m telling you. Whenever I want it raw, I go there!

Gosh T.
I just could not wish for more. Every single piece I watch gets me cumming like a schoolboy. Classic!

Terry R.
Cute teenage girls, some slim, some chubby, but all totally sexy. I love the way this shit gets me going!

Hank M.
Fantastic place, really. Finally there’s a site with everything done right. Been a member for months and never regretted it!
Andrew K.
Lovely classic stuff. Probably more variety than with other forced sex sites. A pretty decent thing.

Harry T.
Somewhere in the top of my list, this one. Very enjoyable videos, fast downloads, and a good package deal.

Jonny M.
Very inspiring movies, I can tell you! Can’t wait to see next episodes guys. Keep going!

Val K.
A nicely made product, I have to say. I would recommend it to anyone with a thing for forced sex.
Cory T.
The shit, man, I’m telling you. Love everything about this place, from the design to the movies.

Karl L.
My favorite in the entire network. The design works perfectly for this outstanding site. Thanks!

Barry W.
I have all the episodes downloaded, and I’m craving for more! That’s my best forced sex porn stash ever.

Ned G.
The right thing to beat your meat to. Very high quality videos, and the pictures rock as well. Way to go!
Manny H.
This stuff is sick! I would lock up these guys if I did not love their site so much. I shoot in seconds!

Norman E.
Shit coming from the darkest corners of your mind! Really surpasses any site I ever saw. Frightfully great job!

Barry U.
This place is really different. You might not be ready for it, but when you are, it does deliver. Many thanks!

Lionel W.
You guys are fucking crazy! I saw some sick stuff in my life, but this is so over the edge. But so much the better!
Randy R.
Love everything about this place. Check for new stuff every week and download all I can get. Amazing!

Fred P.
The site deserves the highest rankings. I was not disappointed, and you will not be as well. Ten points!

BWalter M.
One of the few sites I check regularly. Insane amounts of very fappable stuff! And the quality is high too.

Nick O.
Finally found this and was very pleased. I wish there was more of such huge sites!
Gary R.
Let’s get them bitches exploited! The perfect place for me to let off the steam I accumulate. Thanks!

Lord F.
Some of this shit is beyond hot. Thanks guys for an amazing, entirely wank-worthy video archive.

Nathan M.
Kicks ass, the right site to watch all kinds of sexy bitches fucked like the cheap shit they are.

Vik L.
Thanks for a site I enjoy a lot! I’m always waiting for updates and I download them right away.
Bob N.
A site with class and style. I’ve downloaded every single video, and now I am waiting for more!

Liam G.
The best site in its class. Very realistic content shot by the guys who know their thing. Classy!

Ian M.
Crazy, man, just crazy. I love every single second of this footage. Makes me cum like crazy!

Hugh K.
An outstanding product very well worth its price. Never even doubted about this choice of mine.
Ford W.
So many things to enjoy and maybe some to try! The guys are really using their imagination.

Art G.
Brutal porn at its finest. As a BDSM fan I love the masterful usage of gear and plots. Very fine!

Pat H.
A very comprehensive, all-covering site for the real gourmet. Many different things to see and enjoy!

Bill M.
You never know what you will be beating off to with this one! That’s what I love about Brutal Porn.
Johhny T.
I love the choice of videos, streaming and downloadable. Not many sites out there have it!

Barry K.
Good niche site with proper choice of material. I like to give these vids an occasional wank-to.

Dennis H.
Very well produced stuff. Both the pictures and the movies are highly inspiring. I’ve seen them all!

Manny R.
A pretty decent site with many things to see and quite a handful of bonus sites. Nice choice.
Frank K.
Give it a try, one of the best forced sex sites I could ever find! The movies as well as the stories kick ass.

Danny J.
A great watch and a great read. I can tell you I beat off to so many things from this place.

Lenny T.
Pretty decent shit. I collect all the movies from this site, and I totally enjoy them. Thanks guys.

Karl W.
A well balanced place with a bunch of stuff to see and to read. Nothing to complain about, great stuff.
Wayne G.
Nice balance between pictures and movies. I like the choice of models, really young and sweet-looking.

Paul K.
Great videos and pretty fast downloads. One of the sites I really like. Looking forward to the next update!

Michael O.
A very enjoyable collection, I should say. You don’t even know how much seed I shot watching it all!

Bill B.
A classic forced sex site with a really lovely choice of girls and some dirty things happening to them.
Fred D.
Nice sexy and violent stuff. Lots of movies to download, and above par quality films. Nice one.

Scott M.
One of my favorites, really. I’ve jacked off to videos from here countless times. And to the incest vids as well!

Nick H.
A great piece of material, really lovely. Have to hide this from my wife, she hates it when I watch rape porn!

Rory W.
Charming girls are treated really bad here. If you are looking for a proper forced sex site, this is the one.
Love the shit out of this shit! If you ever felt hard thinking about buttfuck, this is for you. Endorsed by me!

Billy T.
Anal insanity, man, all the way. Very decent looking anal rape videos. I have a couple I particularly love.

Nathan W.
A very good niche rape site. Had no trouble signing up and downloading stuff. High grade shit.

Willy P.
For the anal man, this is the best. Some of the girls are in real trouble! I have been denied anal sex a couple of times, and I let out the steam here!
Warner T.
The movies are really cruel! What I loved is that they don’t look planned for ahead. Everything just happens here!

Yan L.
All in all, a pretty good site with a lot of natural-looking videos. The WMV format is really handy to watch.

Jack K.
The movies are really cruel here, I can tell you. I keep my membership at this site a real secret!

Norman M.
The shit kicks ass. Better than all the other similar sites I know. Natural, raw, and powerful!
Mick L.
I love the concept and the content! I can only wish I could be among these guys. Terrific!

Georgie B.
Insane shit, man! I am so hooked, can’t stop thinking about doing this shit to my wife. She’s such a lousy fuck when awake!

Harry R.
Very intense videos which I enjoy downloading. Never a failed download by the way, great service. Mad site!

Kevin M.
Sorta makes me cum in seconds! The girls are beautifully fucked up, and the guys are so mean and horny. Nice job!
Ronny T.
I love the brides and I love the things done to them! The shit gets so raw sometimes. Great quality!

Winnie M.
Very, very good-looking pictures, and some killer videos as well. A great product from every angle.

Bob N.
The bride abuse bestseller! Since this one I joined other sites but this one remains my favorite.

Caddy W.
Guys, you just rock. I could never imagine my fantasies being brought to reality in such a brilliant way.
Josh K.
Nice stuff, sometimes gets really brutal. Love the gags and masks and all the rest. Kinky!

Vince K.
I must admit this is the site I visit really often, and every time I end up jerking off like crazy!

Dan T.
Total sexual insanity is what I like about this place. Really gets me going and gets off too.

John G.
Lovely pictorials, some of them definitely, and many videos are worthy as well. And some are just too crazy!
Omar P.
For the teen thing, this is the ultimate site. Very violent stories, and the girls are always lovely.

Max O.
A true bestseller and one of the top sites in my collection. My wife hates it but I watch these teen flicks so often!

Nick N.
The right place if you got a thingie for the teenie. They are treated really bad, and I like it!

Andy C.
A very well designed and produced site, totally killer vids, and good customer service.
Marvin K.
Forced sex holocaust here. I like the bit of bondage used, not much, not too little, just the right amount. Very diverse stuff!

Gary K.
A powerful video experience that was. Downloaded all the stuff and waiting for more. Now this is what I call classic shit.

Neal R.
The guys are probably goin to burn in hell for that and me too but fuck it who cares a bit when you got some fine forced porn to beat off to!

Leonard M.
I quite liked the variety, thanks for a great site. Outdoors, indoors, these mean men are ready to go wherever life takes them on the quest for a submissive young slut.

Mike P.
Shit, the love is really brutal here. Love the forest bondage episodes and the use of the gear.

Randy T.
Great package, great product, I’m entirely happy. I liked the way episodes evolve into incest at the end.

Nat G.
Fuck yeah kinky shit! The heat level goes through the roof here with all the masks and ropes etc.

Manny P.
Total insanity, man! This all is wrong on so many levels. But damn it gets me off so fast.
Hugh G.
Lovely girls treated in very very bad ways. Gives me an instant hard-on, this kinky stuff!

Kyle W.
Very hot teen chicks, and treated really bad. I mean, really bad, for fuck’s sake!

Barry T.
Great videos, great member area, great product. Thoroughly recommended.

Vince N.
Met all my expectations. Killer videos with some killer chicks, and there’s even more to it.
Manny T.
These videos are really cruel! Looking great as well. I saved many files from here, and will keep doing so.

Hank C.
The right movie site for us rape fans. Genuinely ban-worthy, intense material. Love every second!

Dan M.
A definite winner in my collection. Many things to see, pretty good quality, and decent service.

Karl L.
Never fails to get me off, this one. The movies, oh damn! They turn me on like nothing else.
Frank P.
Rape porn at its worst! One of the meanest sites I could ever find. But I like it even more!

Bill M.
Violence at its best, blended with cool quality pornography. The videos rock, guys, thanks!

Vinnie K.
Hot women here, and dangerous, fucked up men. How can this even happen? But fuck it, it looks so hot!

Dan F.
The top thing for me. Totally gets me going this shit. Crazy but sexy! I download every new video!
Frank E.
Love Forced Girls for its selection of chicks, all young, some skinny, some chubby, for any sort of fantasy basically.

Bill W.
The pictures, the videos, everything is just fine-tuned to perfection. Never fails to get my pecker stiff.

Walter K.
Thanks for a cool site well-balanced between photos and movies! Good work here, guys, I enjoyed it.

Ben H.
Insanity to the limit! The ultimate forced sex site out there, with the right underground feel. Recommended!
George B.
I can say this is truly shocking and truly extreme! The site with the rawest forced sex content I could ever find!

Vinnie T.
Hot-looking girls, mean-looking men, great-looking movies, everything seems to be perfect here.

Freddy P.
I was shocked and horny at the same time! Thanks guys for the powerful thrill which made me cum like a schoolboy.

Rick O.
Never-ending insanity! The site is packed with top grade stuff, and I enjoyed every second of it.
Randy G.
Great site featuring totally sexy young girls. Probably the best choice of models out there. Ten points!

Norman M.
Virgins, oh hell! I was turned on just as much as I was disgusted and shocked! Still, a great job.

Bill O.
Guys, you are sick! I have never seen such things done to young virgins. But so much the better!

Terry R.
Outstanding stuff here, guys, just amazing. Lovely pictures, crisp videos, nothing more I could wish for.
Mark K.
The right choice for any video fan just like me. Truly mad episodes, lots of action here.

Garry W.
A very worthy place with tons of stuff to download. Nice quality, good plots, and very sexy models.

Keith K.
One of the best video sites out there, sort of my regular supplier of filthy films to watch. Thanks!

Manny T.
Have been a member for months. Not a single thing to complain about. Domination tv rocks!
Gary M.
A cool blend of rape and incest. Every part is well-made and they are brought together perfectly.

Josh H.
Lovely models, truly terrified, and fucked totally hard. I love all of them, I’m hard for them and feel pity too!

Nash K.
One of my favorites in the network. A great way to combine two things I love, rape and incest.

Kurt T.
A very useful and enjoyable site if you don’t know what you prefer more. There are incest people and there are rape people. I’m both!
Olof D.
Great variety of movies. The network of sites is an endless thing to check out. Crazy deal!

Bobby M.
I have to thank you guys for the terrific amounts of pleasure I draw from your mad videos. Keep going!

Randolf G.
Cool stuff here, one of the top sites on my list. The family part is especially enjoyable.

Josh T.
Torture and sex, tasty! It’s cool that there’s family stuff here along with other things. Lovely variety!
Kenny P.
This shit is just vicious! A great choice if you are into all these family things. I mean incest of course!

Lonny J.
The shit, man. Though more pictures here than vids, it is still one hell of a site.

Carl C.
Cool quality pictures. A lot of them as well. I’m the photos man so I do enjoy this at all times.

Randy T.
Very intense scenes, sometimes even too much for me. But I still like it, shit, I like it a lot.
Fred P.
The flagship site in the network, if you ask me. Very classy design and matching content. 10 points.

Jenny R.
You don’t expect a woman to watch this, but I get so wet and dizzy every time! I must be the only female fan!

Kirk W.
Great pictures, and videos as well. Cool to be able to download full videos. I’m staying!

Manny T.
The first incest site I ever joined, and probably the best one. Many thanks for the authentic feel and quality videos!
Arnie K.
The best mother-son site ever! Not just sex but a good amount of mean stuff thrown in as well. Cool!

Randy T.
A pretty well-balanced site with lots of mom-son episodes and some other things as well. Good entertainment.

Vinnie O.
I love to see the moms punished. Perfectly matches my own fantasies. I jacked off to so many episodes!

Mike D.
Lovely mothers, and the sons are fucked up in their head. But we love it! Sheer amount of insane fucking here!
Lonnie T.
The biggest, most detailed 3D pictures I have ever seen. These guys got style, and hell I love it!

Johnnie W.
Top site on my list. Really shocking stuff going on, and the way these characters look drives me insane!

Hank R.
Kinky shit all the way. I would never expect I could beat off this much to some digital images, but here I am.

Barry C.
A brilliant site with some great quality images. Just the right amount of them, and the right resolution. Perfect!
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